Innovative ways for checking news

1. News platforms with customization

The platform named Smart News is acting as a service to deliver news which can be downloaded onto your smart phones. Users are able to read the content according to their own demands and preferences. To do this, the app operates to distribute various stories into relevant groups in order to satisfy each user.

What is more, this platform can work without Internet connection so that users are able to take a look at updated news even when they are on a holiday in another country. Another good feature of this app is that it takes only short loading time for the content to be turned up.

Last but not least, this app is supposed to be suitable for the young as it comes with funny interface and the ability to customize.

2. News app making use of audible technology

Thanks to the development of technology, life becomes easier than ever. We will even no longer have to read news on smart phone due to the introduction of such platforms as this NewsCast.

Microsoft is keeping on updating its NewsCast platform which is able to read out loud the daily news to users. In other words, the app will take all the news on a daily basis and then read them back to users.

The engineer staff of Microsoft that is taking the responsibility of the development for this application expects that the app can help effectively for users who are really busy and often commute. It only takes 30 seconds for the platform to understand the story before reading out loud.

3. News platforms which can summarize the content

Pipes is the name of an IOS platform which will be able to summarize articles for those who just want to know the major content. With an interface that is similar to the Facebook, it is not difficult to find the content according to your preferences. Thanks to the ability to summarize the major points of a long article with only a few sentences, Pipes would be highly appreciated by busy people who do not have much time to keep updated with the world.

Everything can be customized from the font to the background. Pipes can be downloaded on any Apple device, even the Apple Watch. Thanks to such platform, reading news should never be a boring habit like we used to think.

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Last Update On 01st January 1970