Cloud Deployment Models

In recent years, we have seen more and more cloud computing jump. It will not change in 2018. Next year, Gartner predicts that next year, Gartner predicts that "30% of new investment investments from the 100 largest sellers will only be transmitted from the cloud through the clouds" next year. Gartner also reiterates that the "no rain" policy is rarely a "no internet" policy. The use of clouds is not only for security and reliability, but also for the placement of developers.

It is not enough simply to "go to the cloud". Different cloud compartments can be more productive for different groups, depending on size, budget or specific requirements. If you already use cloud computing resources, if you are expecting a change or if you are fluctuating in your faith for the first time, how to understand how to use the cloud more effectively. The first step is to have a deep understanding of each model. From there, you'll be better prepared to observe the location of your organization and make the most viable decision you can.

A private cloud

When a cloud is provided to a single company, it is classified as a private cloud. A cloud company can be a combination between a third party seller or two. Located in the clouds or in the primary. If we think that the structure of the cloud is an office space, a private cloud business can have its own complete office building. Although a company can create or contract, it is owned by a private cloud company or is provided by a third party.

Public cloud

A payment provider in the cloud owns a cloud and at the same time provides the resources calculated to the same clients. An office rental, a common cloud and several buildings in office buildings are being leased to several companies. You can have a high-tech company that runs a central bank and a car company on the lower deck. Each company is responsible for the responsibility and the rent. But the building (or cloud) is a third party (cloud provider).

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